Travel notes

Dear Children,

It has been a long time since I took my last journey. But I really had no choice but to go out into the big, wide world. Robbie and Luke simply refused to leave me in peace. This time, I am in a land with vast expanses, raging rivers, huge lakes, mighty mountain ranges, and mysterious rituals. It is a land where people still live in harmony with nature. It is the land for which Robbie and Luke have been searching for so long, where roaring fires blaze in the evening and the smoke makes its way into the heavens. For generations, the people who live here have shown how much they respect the entire animal and plant kingdom. They are able to imitate the sounds made by every animal, and they can follow their tracks. They refer to our planet as Mother Earth. They are in constant contact with their ancestors, conjure up spirits, and revere those dear to them even beyond death.

Here you can smell the wonderful fragrance of fresh grass, distinctive herbs, and aromatic wild flowers. The animals express their thanks several times a day with concerts sung by different birds, because they are happy that they have found a little bit of paradise on our planet …

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