The Books


Dear Children,

I know that many of you don’t really feel like going to bed in the evening, because it’s usually so lonely and boring there.

But this is about to change, starting today, for every day from now on, you can expect to hear new and exciting bedtime stories about the GINGERMOON family. The name sounds a little funny, I guess, but no one can choose his own name, right?

The GINGERMOON Family is a family of bears. There are the parents, Maggie and Mitchell, and their children, LUKE and ROBBIE, and you will always be able to recognize them by the scarves they wear around their necks. They all live in BUMBERVILLE, a little village near the city of Honey Town – STATE LILY POND.

And now – let’s get started!

Now let us begin to explore this imaginary world together and to get to know more about the Adventures of the GINGERMOON family.


There in the distance – where the sky and the earth seem to touch – that is the horizon. And even farther away – much, much farther away – that is where you will find HONEY TOWN- STATE LILY POND. Before you can actually get to Honey Town, you will have to travel quite a distance over many meadows, valleys and mountains, for there are no roads that lead to Honey Town, only narrow paths, and now and again these paths can be quite dangerous indeed. A human being would never be able to find Honey Town. Only the animals of this world know how to get there. Honey Town lies hidden away in a valley, where the true fragrance of the flowers fills the air, where there are magnificent orchards, and where crystal clear streams and rivers invite the animals to bathe in them. To put it simply, Honey Town is the place where the world is still in order.

The GINGERMOON family has lived in Honey Town for quite a long time, but now they have agreed that it is time for them to build a house of their own. This is not as simple as it might seem, but the parents, Maggie and Mitchell Gingermoon think it is very important for their children to have plenty of space to play in, and for them to be able to grow up in a place that is calm and peaceful.

Almost all of the animals in this world love the city of Honey Town. This makes it practically impossible to find a beautiful house that is not too expensive. So ROBBIE and LUKE are even more excited when they learn that they will soon be moving. Their parents have been spending every moment they could spare, almost every day, to search for a beautiful spot for their family, a place where they could settle down forever.

And they had found that very place. Their future home would be in BUMBERVILLE!