Hello, Dear Children!

It’s me – Robbie! I’ve asked my parents to write this down for you.

You have probably missed me already! No, I haven’t been hibernating, although I admit that I’ve felt like it sometimes. Enormous snowstorms dumped loads of snow on Bumberville, and that has kept me and my family very busy. But now we can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. The dark clouds and the icy northeast winds are being ousted little by little by the enormous power of the sun and the warming rays of sunshine, which are long overdue! Now we can spend some time outdoors in the fresh air again and recharge our batteries! And whether you believe it or not – since I have been living in Bumberville, my life has changed totally! Sometimes I can’t help wondering whether Bumberville is really part of our planet, or whether it is actually in a completely different place. That has to do with all of the adventures I have here almost every day. Really, I am not bored for a single moment!

By the way, if you liked Book 1, you definitely can look forward to Book 2! It is just as exciting. There are plenty of things to ponder, that you will simply not be able to stop thinking about.  For example, I will still be dealing with the household spirit. Well, you will find out more about this in Book 2.  You’ll be surprised!

See you soon! I’ll be thinking of you!

Robbie Gingermoon

KABAS is traveling

Hello, Dear Children!

I’m still in the country where incredible secrets lurk in every corner. I have made my way to the top of the world, where I have a fantastic view of the magnificent landscape that was once the home of the fairies. These strange structures made of tuff stone are also named for these odd apparitions. It may be hard to believe, but hundreds of years ago, people lived in these strange towers. These people had decided to develop a special system of caves here. All of this was built simply as a defense system.

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One of these days, Robbie and Luke will also visit these underground installations, which sort of look like little villages and have been maintained up to the present day.

They are going to have incredible adventures in this intricate labyrinth.