Educational Aims

A bedtime story for every day

KABAS has spent most of her life working with children.

She has decided to write a bedtime story for every day in the year.

Albert Einstein once said: “If you want your children to be intelligent, read fairy tales to them.” This inspired her to write bedtime stories to be read out loud.

With her stories, KABAS wants to:

  •     get children excited about reading
  •     stimulate children’s imagination
  •     deepen children’s general knowledge
  •     increase children’s memory skills through the questions that are provided
  •     encourage the children to participate actively and to think up questions about the individual stories themselves.

KABAS, the author, writes series of bedtime stories. Each story takes at most 10 minutes to read aloud.

All of the stories are exciting, humorous, imaginative, instructive, appropriate for children, and of educational value.

The stories are always so conceived that they end at an exciting moment and thus guarantee that the child will be curious to find out how the plot continues.

The questions provide an opportunity for the children to again call to mind the content of the previous story.

Her aim is to incorporate educational, pedagogical and moral aspects in the individual stories.

Within the content, the same figures are always found in extremely varied situations. On the one hand, their adventures show parallels to our day-to-day life today. On the other hand, there are fantasy components, resulting in a mixture that is appropriate for children.<0}