Who is KABAS?



KABAS is the person who writes the books about the Gingermoon family.

The name KABAS sounds mysterious. And that is exactly why the author chose it, for she also spends quite a bit of time as a magic fairy traveling to many cities and villages all over our planet.

KABAS grew up near the forests of Bumberville, right at the border of our new world, the animal kingdom. Since she was very young, she has been able to sense the wishes and feelings of children and to see things from their perspective. No matter where she goes, children are always attracted to her.

That is why her friends say that she seems to be a kind of magnet for children. In her exciting bedtime stories about the Gingermoon family, the author describes life in another world that is very similar to the one in which we human beings live. As a good fairy, she knows that children are very interested in exciting, amusing stories that are full of adventure.

This is why she has decided to write a series of bedtime stories for the children of this world that will fascinate, delight and enchant them every night.

They will stimulate the children’s imagination and their creativity. At the same time, certain stories will encourage them to think about various things, to achieve the so-called AHA effect among these young people.

KABAS has already put quite a number of different bedtime stories down on paper. Her goal is to write an exciting, imaginative, and instructive story about the life of Robbie and Luke Gingermoon for every day of the year, so that children can go to bed in a happy mood and the day can come to an end with a wonderful story …